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A little more about us…

Fortuna_Property-30Ocean Ranch Recovery offers a carefully designed treatment program with trained specialists to guide you through the treatment and recovery process. In a more intimate setting of fewer residents and expert care, your treatment is carefully monitored in a safe, alcohol and drug-free house in Elfin Forest, California (smoking is permitted). Using a program tailored specifically to serve adult males, 18 years and older, looking to further their sobriety, treatment specialists are on-hand to manage individual needs that are unique to each resident.

We furnish residents with the much needed tools they need to start treatment from drug and alcohol dependence, recoup from that addiction, and in addition give the resources to offer them some assistance with learning how to appreciate life once more. Whether your dependence is alcohol, drugs or whatever else, our programs and therapy are intended to offer you assistance to carry on with life, substance free.

Additionally, to guarantee the future accomplishment of our client’s recovery, we advocate and spend significant time in partnering to plan aftercare with neighborhood programs, restorative experts and subsequent outpatient treatment in California.

Our treatment program is intended to offer you assistance with managing your physical and emotional wellbeing during recovery. At Ocean Ranch Recovery, we give both therapeutic help and guidance to offer you assistance with taking the initial steps on your road to an addiction free life.

Our Approach (to treatment)

At Ocean Ranch Recovery, you or your loved one will be brought into a shielded, quiet and tranquil environment, to begin the quality venture toward full recovery. “Residential Treatment” is the term used to portray the methodology by which a client lives in a controlled and safe environment to begin the recovery process. We appreciate that genuine sobriety goes past shunning controlling substances, but instead, incorporates recovering the soul. A honest to goodness confrontation of addiction incorporates tending to the fundamental emotional entrapments of the people who have developed a habit to abuse of drugs or alcohol. That is the reason our Treatment specialists precisely oversee residents through the entire process of transitioning into “real life” to better ensure their complete recovery. From the initial phone call to our recovery specialists to making the move to a lower level of treatment care, our specialist give insightful and sound care at all times.

Ocean Ranch Recovery was exactly what I needed and didn’t even know it there was a place such as this for treatment. Horses, chickens, open land, ocean views and a beautiful home? Only having a handful of clients really made my recovery easier after transitioning from a small residential detox. I felt I received the attention I needed during this crucial time and avoided any drama that may have occurred at a typical RTC with 50+ people. Thank you Ocean Ranch!!

- Steve

I have a very creative mind, which may have lead me down some paths I regret, however landing at Ocean Ranch Recovery couldn’t have been better for me! From the Rock to Recovery therapy, the art therapy and gardening, I was able to express myself and find deep healing in areas of my life I needed. As an all male house, I felt very safe and comfortable to just be myself.

- James

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